Our Values

Ellen and the Kids

Inspired Creative Prints and Combinations. We believe in using proven style concepts, adding a fresh take with a modern print and creating a truly vintage- modern brand.

Reversible. We believe in REVERSIBLE whenever possible. Reversible designs for children create exponential outfit combinations while giving the added value of a space-saving two outfits in one.

Lasting and Season-less Design - The pieces evolve as your child grows with features like adjustable waists and forgiving armholes. Colorful prints camoflage stains, and designs layer to span from one season to the next.

Trust in a Made in the USA Brand. We support our local community while being able to keep a close watch on safety and quality. We personally visit our fabric mills, printers, cut and sew factories and distribution warehouses regularly. We go above and beyond CPSIA testing requirements and use a local approved lab.

Award Winning Garments. Our fun-yet functional clothes are favorites for magazines and bloggers. The clothes are used by photographers worldwide and have been in over 200 magazines. RBB is one of the fastest growing LA children's brands with showrooms in 8 countries.

The Right Bank BabiesStory:

Once upon a time there was a mom who could not find anything for her daughters to wear. So she pulled out her sewing machine and created 2 patterns for exactly what she wanted…

Ellen founded Right Bank Babies after having two baby girls within 14 months.  It all started with her frustration with the children’s clothes that were available –over logo’d cheaply made gear, designer sweatsuits and mini-me ensembles. Ellen wanted the beautiful and wearable clothing reminiscent of outfits she remembered loving as a child. 

So she did the unimaginable – she hauled out an old sewing machine and taught herself  to sew.  She recreated the clothes she loved wearing as a child.  These designs are not trendy -  but classics. And she made one really big improvement - she made them reversible. Babies and toddlers are messy – with her two babies Ellen couldn’t carry around a suitcase of spare wardrobe changes. 

Mother’s loved the designs and stopped Ellen everywhere she went with the girls asking where they could buy the outfits and who made them. Ellen was boosted by all these Mom’s reactions. So she leveraged what she had and borrowed money from family and officially starting Right Bank Babies. She didn’t have Oprah launching the line but she had the power of Mom’s. RBB clothes hit an emotional cord. They not only enhance their child’s beauty but their personality as well. They create joyful “in the moment” memories – little mental snapshots Mom’s will never forget. RBB captures that feeling – that moment you want to remember just because children are so glorious.