From Cali to Colorado and Back to RBB

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My name is Lydia Andrews and I am, and have always been a California girl. The warm sun, cool breeze and tall palm trees are just a part of me… and always will be. My husband just recently accepted a job in Colorado after 10 years living in Los Angeles. That meant moving, unless of course I decided to choose my beloved state over my newly-married beloved. The man won.

To be honest we were ready for change. LA can be a wonderful, inspiring city full of hopes and dreams…until it isn't; until it smacks you in the face and laughs at you for even trying. This cycle of joy and sorrow, usually recurring every 6-8 months, had taken its toll on my husband and I and we were looking forward to our new adventure.  

Skip to the largest snow storm Colorado has seen in years and that’s the week we landed in Colorado Springs, moving truck and all. Welcome.

In the short amount of time we have experienced this city, I thought it would be beneficial to record my day in the life differences and similarities between the cities of Los Angeles and Colorado Springs.

Wake up. Make dog pee in the snow (as he limps pathetically back to the house). I walk to my car, bundled up with about 7 layers. It’s almost negative 15, NEGATIVE with the wind chill, which many have sworn is SO RARE. It better be. As I approach my car there is snow all over it… and ice. Ummm? I get in. Turn on windshield wipers. They are frozen. Ummm…

Finally, with a snow free windshield I drive past my neighbors (who smile and raise their hand in a gesture us Angelinos know nothing about) and notice a man running in the snow, IN SHORTS. I mean, really? What are you proving? To who? Crazy.

I park. Yes there are spots! Hundreds of them just for the taking! All of the frostbite leaves my body as the warmth of free and available parking takes over. I make it to the quaint coffee shop (now sweating from the heat in the building) and sit among parents and children. As I rip off my hundreds of layers, I quickly notice something very interesting; no one is screaming.  It seems the parents do the bossing around here in Colorado, not the children bossing the parents (ahem…LA). There is a much more disciplined parenting style here. I like it. 

At 27 years old, my husband and I were the youngest of our friends to be married. When people found out I was married in LA they would seem shocked and respond, “But you are so young!” Well, in Colorado we are now the oldest couple without children. I am pretty much shriveled inside according to the woman here. We have FIFTEEN nieces and nephews from four brothers and sisters whose ages do not range much older than we are (and they still aren’t done)!

Now it’s time to search online for a place to live. We are staying at our very generous in-laws until we find a place. We are very grateful but also very eager to have our own space to call home. I enter and the approximate rent for what our one bedroom in the Valley had cost us and hit search. Wait, WHAT? Stupid computer, that can’t be right. Enter. Search. Gasp! What my husband and I were paying for a one bedroom in the Valley, we can live in a Colorado Springs 4 bedroom home? Yes. That’s right. Holy house!


Something catches my eyes out the café window; it’s snowing.  I stop and watch the large flakes coming down so peacefully, with no rush or agenda. Pikes Peak Mountain is in the background and seems to guard this city from the north to the south. I breathe. It feels like for the first time in months. Whatever differences there are, better or worse, this is where we are now. Thankful for where we came from, grateful for where we are headed. As for this moment, I’ll just sip on my coffee and watch the snow fall where it falls.


I’m starting to like it here.


Lydia Andrews for Right Bank Babies

Spring Summer 2014 Photoshoot

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While it feels like ages ago, I finally get to post about the Spring 2014 Photoshoot. Ryam Teran coordinated the models, set the lineup, booked the photographer (George Reyes from S8ved Photography), found the location and booked the hair/makeup with Patrice Perrone. She's a superhero!

The location was Newport Beach - outside-guerilla style. No permits and rain was predicted. Not a good sign. We staged in a parking lot and I still can't believe Patrice did hair like that with no power!

The weather held up and we got some amazing shots by the skin of our teeth.

















And finally here is a group shot where I jumped in!

Artfully Uncommon Fall 2013

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I had to share some of the photos that Julie Martin did of her daughter Delia in some RBB Fall 2013. She's an amazingly creative and talented artist and I positively stalk her work - I follow her Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook Feeds - you can follower her Artfully Uncommon page on facebook. Enjoy! Delia is wearing the reversible fur vest, ruffled blouse and sequined dance shorts in the black and whites. In the colored photos she's wearing the ruched sleeve tee and two special order items- the reversible cape and the tweed charmeuse dress. Enjoy!

Impromptu Photoshoot in Destin - Spring 2014 Preview!

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On my way out to our family vacation in Destin, Florida I grabbed all the size 5 Spring 2013 samples that had just arrived from the sample maker. I had high hopes that they would fit my little neice Kathleen who last summer was a tiny little pixie.

Destin gave us one of the most beautiful weeks in my memory - smooth turquoise waters and beautiful white sand - perfect for a photoshoot. But Kathleen showed up haved sprouted a foot and equalling Evie, my 8 year old, in size!

But I'm not one to give up. Late afternoon on tuesday I grabbed the clothes and Kathleen and Evie and Harlow decided to come for "support". They couldn't stand it - they needed to model! I put them all in the clothes and off we went. My 8 ayears old but happily wore the size 5's and even a size 3 pant.

People stopped on the beach to watch their little dance party and complements on the clothes were non-stop - Among the few piece I brought they all wanted the harem pants and collared blouses and wanted them now!