Right Bank Babies Does International Right!

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I’m sure you have heard Right Bank Babies goal to provide our retail customers high quality children's clothing made right here in the USA. Sure, you may be aware that we use INSPIRED CREATIVE PRINTS AND COMBINATIONS and we believe in using proven style concepts, adding a fresh take with a modern print and creating a truly vintage-modern brand. The styles can be a classical or edgy depending on how they are combined and accessorized. Of course you are aware we believe in REVERSIBLE whenever possible. Reversible designs for children create exponential outfit combinations while giving the added value of a space saving two outfits in one. Most of all, we hope you are educated on our AWARD WINNING GARMENTS. Our fun-yet functional clothes are favorites of the magazines and bloggers. The clothes are used by photographers worldwide and have been in over 200 magazines. RBB is one of the fasted growing Los Angeles Children’s Brands.

But... are you aware of our international presence? With showrooms in 8 countries, Right Bank Babies has proven that style doesn’t stop with countries borders. We are proud to be in a handful of international magazines as well as featured as a top favorite children’s clothing line in the Philippines, Japan and Korea!

As we continue to grow and change as a company, we hope one thing will always remain; The ever growing and influential effect Right Bank Babies has on other countries, and in turn the influence they have on us when it comes to creating and upholding the world of Children’s apparel!