My Sister’s Stry; Dirty Dishes and a Happy Home

This past week I enjoyed scrolling through posts of friends and their siblings. It was National Sibling Day and people could not wait to dish out the embarrassing photos of their childhoods. Quite entertaining as my generation from the 80’s has to deal with the early 90’s photos. (Rant: At least if you grew up in the 80’s you knew it was BAD fashion…but what is the 90’s even? It’s like the 80’s bad aftertaste, nothing to call it…just 80’s leftovers.)

Anyway, it seems like every day is now is a “Day” of something mundane; “Its National Scissor Day!” or “Brownie Day”… don’t forget to wear your hair up for “Ponytail Day.”


But this Day…I enjoyed this day as it reminded me of my Sister.

Within two years my sister Rachel and her husband Mark had 4 children in their home. Imagine going from 0 to 4 within 2 years! I know what you are thinking, either they had 2 sets of twins, adopted or she defies the laws of pregnancy. Well, it just so happens that my sister has a rare physical case in which she only carries babies for 4 months to term… just kidding.  They adopted. But their story is just as miraculous.

Mark and Rachel felt called to become Foster Parents. They quickly fell in love with a boy who came from an abusive home and was separated from his siblings. As court cases were continuing to draw out, they received a call from the agency that a preemie little girl was left abandoned in the hospital. They rushed over with baby doll size clothing and took her home.

They were granted adoption for their son and as it turns out, while they awaited adoption for the second baby girl another call came in. Not from the Agency but a Doctor… confirming that Rachel was pregnant. They were shocked. Rachel immediately felt panicked. Not only did she now have a 5 year old son and a1 year old daughter (within the year) but she also worried about how she would balance the needs of her children equally when they come from such different backgrounds. She would never want any of her children to feel less or more valued than the other.

She became more comfortable with her new-faced reality and began getting excited for her new addition.

Then another call came.

This was surprising as they removed their name from the Foster Care Agency as they clearly had their hands full. It turns out; it was another baby girl, left in the same way at the hospital by the same drug addicted mother. Rachel was the only family she would have had. It was our little girl’s sister. We all tried to convince Rachel to let someone else take the burden. After all, she was 8 months pregnant at the time…how could she possibly care for 2 new babies, a year and half old, AND an older son who needed a lot of interaction as well. Surely someone else could take her.

No.  Mark and Rachel walked (waddled) to the hospital and picked up their new little addition. She was perfect.

A month later they had a little boy, 30 days younger than the baby girl they brought home.

I was an Aunt of 4 in 2 years. I got to stay with them…live with them for months and help raise my nieces and nephews. Although at most times the dishes were piled high and the laundry sat on the floor, those babies were always in someones arms getting the real attention needed. I learned more about life in those short months watching my sister raise those children than I did in the all years of living on my own in LA. See it’s in the daily priorities that time gets lost for those who truly matter. 


So sibling day. I like that day. I like it every day. 


                      The Gang and I                                                         The "Twins" 


Our Sibling Photo